Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Too Much Going On

I know that I have been needing to post but to be honest I have been so very tired. Let's see, where do I begin, so, we drove home from Pensacola after getting an oxygen tank for the "just in case Bri turns blue while driving home" and I must say during that drive I decided that I HAD to contact Hospice again. Not because I feel her life is ending soon (oh, how I hope not) but because I need the services they offer before I lose my mind, really. What a God-send calling Hospice has been. The team that we were assigned to is the Yellow team (my favorite color) and oh, what a wonderful team it is. Bri's nurse, Kara, I felt such a connection from the moment she walked into the room. Then there was the Medical Director, who remembered Bri from the first time we had signed up for Hospice, he was so happy to see her, just the look on his face, the way he talked, he is so proud of our little angel pie. And today I had the opportunity to meet Elizabeth, the social worker, with Hospice. We clicked like nobody's business. I feel like God has personally picked this team for us. Thank you God.

But moving on, we haven't had any more "blue" spells. We are scheduled for a Ph Probe tomorrow at Arnold Palmer Hospital, it requires an overnight stay. There will be no sedation involved. Only monitoring by nurses. Big relief. There is just one very BIG thing that might keep this from happening. Like life has not been crazy enough, on Monday night before putting Bri to bed I noticed a pink nickel-sized spot on her neck. Me being the dork that I am, I retrieved the flashlight and magnifying glass to check it out. Didn't see anything that resembled a sting or bite forward to Tuesday morning. OMG....the spot on Bri's neck is now the size of an orange, inflamed, and then inside of that, the size of a quarter, red/purple. Off to the pediatrician we went. One look and he is concerned that it might be MRSA. Big, big, big scare. He immediately put Bri on antibiotics specific for that and topical ointments. We have to return in the morning for a follow-up. I am so hoping it is a bite of some sort and not MRSA. If it is MRSA, no Ph probe tomorrow. Not sure if the antibiotics will work on MRSA or if she will have to be hospitalized for stronger meds. Will post tomorrow and let you know.

On another note, Ashley visited with us for a day and a half. What a nice visit we had. I miss that girl.


  1. we'll be keeping brianna in our thoughts and hoping that she is just having a reaction to some nasty buggy bite and not MRSA. give the girly a squeeze from us ;)

  2. OMG! We need to talk daily and maybe these things won't happen to our girls. I am glad you are getting some relief. And oh so happy you have some time with Ashley. I saw the funny pics on FB.