Sunday, July 26, 2009


We have been released from the hospital. First off, I was incorrect about Bri's oxygen level being low this wasn't. Bri's toes are so small that the sensor was loose and once the nurse came in and taped it on securely everything was good. The doctor who came in a little while ago said that she suspects reflux. So, I will thicken up her formula with rice cereal and be extra careful with the oral feedings. Life goes on, one day at a time.

A big thank you to Cathy, Trish and May for their postings of Brianna on Annabel, Alyssa and Vera's blogspots. Thank you to everyone who emailed Jerry and I personally for your thoughts and prayers. We are so thankful for all of you.


  1. I am happy to hear that you were able to go home. Brianna and all of you have been on my mind. Reflux is something we are always gravely concerned about with Zane, as well.

    Thanks for the updates about Brianna.


  2. I am so glad to hear that you are being discharged with a hopeful prognosis. Reflux is common for the trikids.

    Lets hope that the thickened nutrition does the trick.

    Annie's mom

  3. Didn't realize reflux could cause such a concern, but thankful that it isn't something that would be more difficult to treat. Glad to rally prayer warriors on Brianna's behalf, I'm certain that the love that surrounds Bri works wonders, and that the docs./meds have a part too but the petetions put before the Great Phyisican does miracles. THe You-tube video is so sweet!


  4. Brenda,

    So sorry to hear of Brianna's recent episodes. I just happen to check in after I got an update from Alyssa's caringbridge page. I will be sending prayers across the miles to Brianna.
    PS I know Christina must have been watching over Brianna at Sacred Heart.

    Hope you are able to enjoy the rest of your vacation.



  5. So glad Brianna is out of that hospital and back with her family. Reflux, blue spells too scarey. Ok, quick while Annabel and Bri are both out of the hospital schedule that trip. I would love to have a visit from my friends. Will still be praying that she can go forever in between hospital visits.

  6. Brenda I know of another mom with baby with severe reflux. Enfalac AR is recommended for this by many pediatricians. I don't know if it is suitable for Bri?

    just thankful it is reflux and not hypertension.

  7. I thoughtof you last evening. We had to call 911. Just left the dr. after she received 3 shots (immunizations) and when we pulled up at home I went to get her out and she was purple. Struggling to breathe and jerking while trying to claw at her neck. I didn't even think aobut allergy to shot at all. Came in and her heartrate was at 190-200 and sats in low 80's. So called 911. No did I even think of Benadryl, NOT! When EMS came they gave oxygen and assessed her. She was turning red everywhere and clawing at herself. Eyes, head neck. I asked could I give Benadryl to see if she calmed down, just didn't want to do the ER thing unless necessary. Within aobut 25 min. she was less jittery, and seemed to be resonding. What is normal any more???? I hope and pray you arrived home safely and have been thinking of you much since our call.