Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Still Would Have Chosen You

I Still would have chosen you - By Terri Banish

If before you were born, I could have gone to heaven and saw all the beautiful souls, I still would have chosen you

If God had told me, "This soul would one day need extra care and needs", I still would have chosen you

If He had told me, "This soul may make your heart bleed", I still would have chosen you

If He had told me, "This soul would make you question the depth of your faith", I still would have chosen you

If He had told me, "This soul would make tears flow from your eyes that could fill a river", I still would have chosen you

If He had told me, "This soul may one day make you witness overbearing suffering", I still would have chosen you

If He had told me, "All that you know to be normal would drastically change", I still would have chosen you

Of course, even though I would have chosen you, I know it was God who chose me for you.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013 is a date that will forever be engraved on my heart.  It is the day that I began my second nursing job with Caring Hearts taking care of medically fragile children in their homes.  My heart is so happy.  I have accomplished my goal...what an amazing feeling. 

Thanks be to God.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

I did it!!!

Graduated July 3, 2013 with my Practical Nursing license....and Bri was sitting right there on my shoulder the entire time.  Not totally out of the woods yet, sit for the State Boards on July 26th in Mobile, Al.  To my total shock and surprise was offered my first job two days after graduation during my first interview.  I was like, "are you offering me a job" and the lady said "yes" with a smile on her face.  I was speechless.  Expected to go home, wait around all nervous for several days for the "call" and BAM!  didn't happen that way.  Of course I will be working nights (which I expected) but it's all good because classes start again in August at the college, for which I am already enrolled to continue my nursing career.  God has been so good.  What a truly humbling experience I have encountered during the last 6 years.

I know a future in pediatric special needs is in my future as well (my heart).  I was also offered a position PRN (as needed) doing home health for medically fragile children.  My experience in taking care of Brianna landed me that....



Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Here it is April, again.  Bri's birthday (would be her 6th) is on the 12th of this month, a Friday.  My thoughts at this moment is to spend the afternoon in quiet reflection and tremendous gratitude for the blessings her little life bestowed on many.

About a month ago during an intensive study of the pulmonary system, how Bri's life ended came crashing down on me.   The instructor was going into what happens to the heart and lungs and the body during this time of distress (and the weeks leading up to it) that leads to death.  All I could think about is how she was so right, the book was so right...that everything it said would happen, did Bri.  Oh, the heartbreak.  I had to leave the room.

Days passed and life goes on...

One thing I can say is that the nursing education has been beneficial in my healing process.  I hope that in the future the knowledge I have gained can help someone else through a difficult time in their life.