Monday, March 30, 2009

I was looking through my pictures when I came across this picture of Jerry and I in Montreal in Nov of 06. It was during this trip that we found out the results of the Triple Screen test that was taken to find out if any abnormalities were present in my pregnancy. We were both elated to find out that the results were reason to believe there was anything wrong with our unborn child. Looking back, I'm glad I didn't know. My pregnancy with Brianna was exceptional and if I would have known I'm not so sure that I would have been able to handle it. God works in mysterious ways.

Brianna is feeling better. She should be because she is on a mega-dose of antibiotics to get rid of the infection in her ear. Her 2nd birthday is approaching very quickly. Who would ever imagine we would be blessed this long with our baby girl...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Antibiotics

Well, I had to take Brianna back to the pediatrician yesterday because after 5 days of taking a z-pack along with breathing treatments, she is still not 100%. Her lungs are clear, which is a HUGE blessing but that left ear continues to ooze icky stuff. Apparently the bacteria in her ear is resistant to the z-pack which is something we have been concerned about for some time. Immunity to antibiotics. Dr. Chaban assured me that he is a specialist when it comes to infectious diseases and will be able to always find an antibiotic to fight whatever comes along. And you know what, we trust and believe him.

I have to share with you this gorgeous picture that Ashley's friend, Jesse took.

Missing our Puppy Dogs

It is with sadness that I share with everyone that we are now completely dogless. Last year our liver-spotted dalmation, Brandy, passed away and this past weekend our beloved miniature schnauzer, Pepper passed. I miss Pepper so much. He was my shadow. His disposition was so sweet. I always said he had the soul of a saint...Saint Pepper. I know it sounds silly but he truly was a special little guy.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Doing some Organizing

Here I am on a Saturday night taking some time to organize Brianna's website. Long gone are the days of out til the wee hours...but that's alright. There is a season for everything. After transferring my journal from another site, I've now gone in and separated the journaling and put the dates on them correctly. I added a few pictures and have so many more to add but frankly I am quite tired right now.

Brianna is doing so much better. Yesterday her left ear had some goo oozing from it, at least it wasn't blood. So now between ear drops, eye drops (pollen makes them itch), and breathing treatments, Brianna is recovering quite well. Thanks be to God.

There's another video on our YouTube channel ( It is the video made by the excellent staff at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando. It is of Jerry and I giving our testimony. Check it out.

More later....I am soooo tired. Goodnight.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still Not Well

Two weeks later and still not well. I had to take Brianna back to the pediatrician today. She has been on breathing treatments twice a day but this morning she was wheezing so I took her back in. After a good listen to her chest, Dr. Chaban diagnosed that one lung is clear and the other not so...we are on a second round of antibiotics and more breathing treatments. I'm not worried, yet. I truly believe a lot of this is being caused by pollen and that this too shall pass. Brianna does not have a fever and she is happy as a usual. It still doesn't hurt to ask for extra prayers.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pollen, Pollen Everywhere!!

Oh my goodness what gorgeous weather we are having here in Orlando. But Spring also means pollen. Everything outside is covered in this yellow dust which to us means big time sneezing and congestion. Brianna has been congested for the last couple of days and miserable. We're just giving her some allergy meds and breathing treatments to hopefully prevent an infection.

Can you believe she is almost two years old?!!! I'm sure I posted this before but I'm going to say it again...this year her birthday is on Easter Sunday. Isn't that something.

Blessings to you and thanks for keeping up with us.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Feeling Better

Brianna is much better now. The bleeding ear turned out to be a middle ear infection. Nothing that a little antibiotics can't handle. Praise God. She is getting so big now and learning so much. Her language skills are increasing and just about every day she makes a different sound. Lately her sound has been "do it, do it, do it" it is so funny. She still hasn't mastered crawling in the traditional way but she gets up on all fours, moves her knees and hands, rolls forward or sideways, gets back up, starts over and moves all over the room. She is able to roll over and sit up by herself and we have been encouraging her to reach up and try to pull herself up.

Check out her cheesecake photo. She is soooo cute, yes?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ashley's Turn

Ashley's turn to shine. We are so proud of our oldest daughter. Let's see, how do I say this...well, to say she is 16 years old says alot in itself (for those who have teenagers). There's been a tremendous amount of difficulties in her life and it has been hard for her to figure out how to handle those difficult times. But little by little, she's been figuring it out by trial and error. She has become quite active with the youth group at our church (First Presbyterian Church of Orlando) and last summer she went on her first mission trip to New Orleans to help rebuild houses for those affected by Katrina and this summer she is saving to go on a mission trip to Jamaica to help those in need there.

Regarding school, last Fall she was held back. What a bummer. What did she do? On-line school in addition to high school. Said no to lacrosse so she could focus on school (what a change). Her hard work paid off, in January we received a letter from her high school stating that she had been promoted UP to her original grade. A Junior. How exciting and how proud we are of her. Now, all we hear is college, college, college. Originally she wanted to be a pediatric physical therapist but after seeing Brianna's speech pathologist at work with Bri, that is what she wants to do now. She knows it is going to take some time but she is determined.

Let me tell you, we KNOW God answers prayers.

On another note, several people have asked me how to post a comment. Well, below each posting is the word COMMENT. If you click on that, there you away.

One more thing, I'm sure Ashley would love to hear some congrats about her accomplishments. Her email address is


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Here we go again....

Little Brianna has ANOTHER ear infection but this one is the worse so far. She tugged at her ears several times which put me on notice but no fever, no crankiness, nothing until yesterday afternoon (of course AFTER the doctor's office was closed). Dark blood oozing out of her right ear. After me freaking out and scaring Jerry who heard me freaking out I called Bri's pediatrician who prescribed an antibiotic for her ear. Of course I have to tell you this itty bitty bottle of antibiotic costs a whopping $103.00. Now isn't that ridiculous?!!! But whatever we need for the Bri, we'll take care of it. Anyway, after a dose of tylenol and ear drops, she slept pretty good and we will be off to the doctor's office this morning.