Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still Not Well

Two weeks later and still not well. I had to take Brianna back to the pediatrician today. She has been on breathing treatments twice a day but this morning she was wheezing so I took her back in. After a good listen to her chest, Dr. Chaban diagnosed that one lung is clear and the other not so...we are on a second round of antibiotics and more breathing treatments. I'm not worried, yet. I truly believe a lot of this is being caused by pollen and that this too shall pass. Brianna does not have a fever and she is happy as a usual. It still doesn't hurt to ask for extra prayers.

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  1. Praying her out of this...As you can tell by Annabel's last slide show she begins her days with breathing treatments. I am glad that Bri is happy as can be. I sent you an email so will hope to hear from you. Give her sweet hugs and kisses from Ananbel.