Friday, October 22, 2010

Life Just Keeps Going on In Spite of Everything

I feel terrible about not keeping up with other Trisomy 18 children and their families. It's like I want to see them and their achievements, but that is all I want to see. When I read about the ups and downs and the fears, my heart breaks into a million pieces. I know the family's pain and I can feel it and it is too much for me. Don't get me wrong, I still check on the ones I have bookmarked and oh, how some of their antics and sweet smiles makes my heart feel so good.

I mentioned several months ago that Hospice asked if we (Jerry and I) would be interested in speaking at their annual gala. Of course I jumped at the chance. Initially thought it was going to be in front of 200 people. Imagine my surprise when instead it was in front of 700 people (Yea!! for Hospice. It was a great fundraising event in light of the economy). I was told I did pretty good. Didn't cry hysterically, just weeped softly. I knew that Bri was right there sitting on my shoulder as I spoke. One of the things I loved about it was they had super-size screens in all corners of the room and showed pictures (gorgeous!) of her during my speech.

Another thing I find pretty amazing is after moving to Atlanta (it's a temporary thing) I found out there is a school on the perimeter of our rental community. This public school is where the children in Cobb Cty, with special needs, attends on a daily basis. Then.....guess who moves in across the street, three doors down...the Assistant Principal of the school. To make a long story short, they are in desperate need of substitute teachers. When I went over to take a look at the school, I became overwhelmed with the feeling of Brianna being right there with me, guiding me to where I should be that I just started to cry. Orientation is next week for new subs.....and I will be in that class.