Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Caleb, Sweet Caleb

I go through the day with a weak smile on my face. Sweet baby boy Caleb has been touched by the realities of Trisomy 18 and died. Such a harsh word...but I learned that it is one of those words that holds reality, true life, finality. Caleb was here 29 amazing months, so was Brianna. Caleb's death was caused by pulmonary hypertention, so was Brianna's....Caleb gave hope to so many people with babies born with Trisomy did Brianna.

The pain never goes away, it just softens a little bit with time. God was so good to have shared Caleb, Jeannette, Steven and Caleb's family with all of us, may he continue to bless them during this very difficult time.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brianna, Brianna, Brianna

I can see the date on my calendar and my heart breaks. Sept. 3rd will be two years since I kissed your sweet face. It feels like you have been gone for longer than that. Oh how I miss your morning snuggles. Love and miss you so very much baby girl. Forever in my heart.