Monday, October 6, 2008

Heart-felt News

MONDAY, OCTOBER 06, 2008 10:12 PM, CDT
Woo Hoo here I am again with some fantastic news. Today we met with Brianna's cardiologist, Dr. Ramos for her six month echocardiogram. Meeting with him was really special. He is one of her doctors whom you could tell in his actions and demeanor that he has such admiration for Brianna and her strong spirit. His report at the end of the meeting is that her heart is doing so well that he does not need to see her for a repeat echocardiogram for a full year.....Yay!!! He also noticed that Brianna is not a "baby" anymore but that she is growing's funny because she IS growing up but yet she is so petite. For an example, and a darn good one, take a peek at some photos we had taken this past weekend by our wonderful photographer Martha Bravo. Go to and then click on her "blog". Brianna looks so grown up not to mention our 16 year old (who will be a senior next year..yikes!!!). I feel like I look so old in these pictures compared to before Brianna was born. Guess that is what happens when you cry a million plus tears, huh. My husband looks always age very well. Anyway.....we are all very excited about this upcoming weekend. Headed to Chicago for our very first "family" vacation (family get-togethers don't count, ya know). The son of a very good friend is getting married and we are going for the wedding...Thursday through Sunday. Everyone is looking forward to it. Will let you know next week how it went. I have to admit I am a bit anxious about making sure I pack everything Bri needs without taking so much it wears us out. Hmmm. will get back to you on that next week.
Happy Monday to everyone....Brenda
P.S. What I forgot to add is what a cranky baby Brianna was during the photo shoot. So unlike her. Of all days she didn't get a good nap in and even though it was late in the afternoon, it was still too bright outside for her. So....only one small sponge-bob smile and few peeks at her eyes.