Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Here we go again....

Little Brianna has ANOTHER ear infection but this one is the worse so far. She tugged at her ears several times which put me on notice but no fever, no crankiness, nothing until yesterday afternoon (of course AFTER the doctor's office was closed). Dark blood oozing out of her right ear. After me freaking out and scaring Jerry who heard me freaking out I called Bri's pediatrician who prescribed an antibiotic for her ear. Of course I have to tell you this itty bitty bottle of antibiotic costs a whopping $103.00. Now isn't that ridiculous?!!! But whatever we need for the Bri, we'll take care of it. Anyway, after a dose of tylenol and ear drops, she slept pretty good and we will be off to the doctor's office this morning.

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  1. Oh poor sweet Bri!!! Please let us know what the dr. says after your visit. My oldest had so many infections and still does and he is 27 yrs. old. He doesn't let us know and it ends up bleeding which according to his dr. it has burst. If it burst he gives special drops and antibiotic. It seems to be when his sinus' back up and he just doesn't complain until it is too late.
    Praying that Bri will not be in too much pain before they get this under control.