Saturday, March 21, 2009

Doing some Organizing

Here I am on a Saturday night taking some time to organize Brianna's website. Long gone are the days of out til the wee hours...but that's alright. There is a season for everything. After transferring my journal from another site, I've now gone in and separated the journaling and put the dates on them correctly. I added a few pictures and have so many more to add but frankly I am quite tired right now.

Brianna is doing so much better. Yesterday her left ear had some goo oozing from it, at least it wasn't blood. So now between ear drops, eye drops (pollen makes them itch), and breathing treatments, Brianna is recovering quite well. Thanks be to God.

There's another video on our YouTube channel ( It is the video made by the excellent staff at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando. It is of Jerry and I giving our testimony. Check it out.

More later....I am soooo tired. Goodnight.

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  1. I found your videos on youtube and decided to visit your sites. You have a gorgeous little miracle! Thank you for sharing her with world.