Monday, March 30, 2009

I was looking through my pictures when I came across this picture of Jerry and I in Montreal in Nov of 06. It was during this trip that we found out the results of the Triple Screen test that was taken to find out if any abnormalities were present in my pregnancy. We were both elated to find out that the results were reason to believe there was anything wrong with our unborn child. Looking back, I'm glad I didn't know. My pregnancy with Brianna was exceptional and if I would have known I'm not so sure that I would have been able to handle it. God works in mysterious ways.

Brianna is feeling better. She should be because she is on a mega-dose of antibiotics to get rid of the infection in her ear. Her 2nd birthday is approaching very quickly. Who would ever imagine we would be blessed this long with our baby girl...

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  1. Looks like one happy couple! Even happier with a huge celebration coming up! Do wish Annabel and I could be there.