Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just When You Think It's Safe to Go in the Water

Everything changes. Bri is in the PICU unit at Florida Hospital. Monday night she slept 12 hours. That was the first indicator that something was up. Then Tuesday her color was off just a little. Tuesday night around 9 pm she started throwing up...all night long. This morning I started giving her pedialyte but she still continued to throw up. Off to the pediatrician's office and then sent straight to the hospital to the pediatric floor but after one look they sent her straight up to intensive care and that is where we remain. Jerry was in Chicago for an important meeting but jumped on the first flight and is here now. It is so sad to see our usually happy little Bri so sick. We are very worried. Will post as soon as we find out something.

I had to add this picture. Last Saturday we had family and a few friends over for a small early birthday celebration. Look at her beautiful dress. It was a gift from Annabel and Cathy. (Annabel has one just like it!). Wait until you see the dress she will be wearing on her actual birthday. It is just as special.


  1. Oh my gosh, I am trying to call you right now. What do they think? I am so glad Jerry got back. I just got you on the phone and we are praying that thing will turn for the better very quickly. Give Bri huge hugs from Annabel. Hope to talk with you very soon.

  2. Coming over here from Cathy and Annabel's and want you to know I am praying for Brianna right now. Praying for you and Jerry too as I know how hard it is to see your baby so sick. Asking for Gods peace for you and for healing.

    Love and Hugs, Laurie

  3. Me again! She looks precious in her green. The hat matches so good also. Thank you for posting the picture of such a beautiful family. Can't wait to see you ALL again in July! Still praying and waiting for this sweet baby to make that turn, thank you for allowing the smile across my face!