Friday, April 24, 2009

Here we are...

Friday night and feeling much better.  Still not 100% but doing fantastic.   Waiting for daddy to come home since he has been out of town most of the week.  He always seems to get BIG SMILES from Bri upon his return.  I know she must miss him when he's gone as do both Ashley and I.  Still trying to schedule Brianna's birthday party with my family in North Florida.  We are all looking forward to a little break.  I hope to get it scheduled soon.    Please continue to pray for Annabel.  Things are better but she is still having some problems.    


  1. Brenda, I did see where you called this afternoon but I was exhausted today. Annabel was not sick during the night but just wanted to be awake from midnight to 4:;30. The nurse came in and said you want to give her some Tylenol? I opted for it and she finally went down. I was not good company but was able to sleep later at the hospital than I
    should have.
    How i love the picture of Brianna on your header. It makes me smile and warms my heart. I told several people about her at the hospital, about her crawling. I just love the picture of her butt with the bunny tail you sent. Priceless.
    After these last two hospital stays, I have been thinking of making something that will list everything that is wrong with Annabel from their head to their toes. Medical people make you repeat everything so much! Each nurse, dr., physician assist., respiratory tech, etc. So many of her issues are life long and I thought I just needed a large business card. You know how you gave me the business card with bri and her site on it. We just need like a 5x7 with their picture, the blog address and on the back a list of their issues. That is my new project!
    Your support is priceless and I am grateful for our friendship. Can't wait for this summer. I so with Ian, May and Vera could make conference. They are just so darn far away.

  2. Brenda, thanks for the wonderful picture of brianna sitting pretty. It gives me hope that one day Vera will do the same. Am working very hard with her to get there. Your blog title sums it up - she does give hope!

  3. Brenda, sure you can link Vera on your site. I know what you mean by like a light switch that just turned on...I feel it's like that for Vera too. School does help.