Friday, April 10, 2009

Not Going Home Today

Just a short note to say Bri is not going home today. Throwing up again and not tolerating her feeds. They are putting in an iv as I type or trying to put one it. Her veins are so small it takes someone really, really good and lucky. They have tried both feet, both hands, her neck and her head. Gave up and called in someone else to try. Last resort is a central line in her groin. Will see. Right now I think we will be here until Sunday. That is ok. God has a plan and if that's it then that's it.

Jerry is staying tonight with Bri and I plan on going home and getting some sleep, if I can sleep.

Wanted to attach this silly pic taken by Jerry with his phone. She got the glasses in an Easter Basket today. Crissy looks pretty fancy in her red glasses ( too.


  1. Well I am sorry she is still in the hospital but so glad she is being watched. Praying for the IV. they are such a hard stick! Jerry, I hope you get some rest and Brenda I am praying that when you get home you can relax and rest. Give Brianna a sweet hug from Annabel.

  2. know how hard it is to see her getting poked all over...pray for Brianna to be strong and for them to find a vein without going to the central line.