Saturday, April 11, 2009

Praise God

Praise God and we mean it from the bottom of our hearts.  Brianna came home today from the hospital.  We still have a good 7-10 days before she is over this virus but oh how good it is to be home.  

I can tell you now that we came so close to losing her on Wednesday.  It is unbelieveable how quickly dehydration can take someone down.  When we walked into the peds unit, Brianna was white as a sheet and completely limp in my arms.  They took one look and before I knew it there was a team of medical professionals there and they  immediately took Brianna up to the ped. intensive care unit.  Her heart was working overtime due to the dehydration and because of that and her petite size, it was next to impossible to get an iv in.  Thanks be to God, it was not her time to go and we have her for a little while longer.  Makes me smile with such gratitude.  

Tomorrow we will celebrate two years of life.  Might not sound like much but when told initially it would be less than 24 hours....her life has been an eternity.  We have been so blessed.  So, tomorrow, please say a prayer of thank you for this little life that has been such a blessing to so many.  
Good night.  

Brenda, Jerry and Ashley

oh, and our new little puppy dog, Belina.  Pics to follow.  


  1. I am so happy to hear Brianna is home. I know that feeling of relief and celebration. Yes, I will be saying special prayers for Brianna tonight and tomorrow for her special day. May the Angels surround you all for a night of rest.

    Kathryn Vautrot

  2. Happy Birthday and Sweet Homecoming! What a special two year you have given your parents. Blessings to you.

  3. Happy Birthday and Happy Easter! I'm glad she is home!

  4. Happy birthday Brianna. What a fighter.

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet, sweet Brianna.
    And Happy Easter too!

  6. hi! i've been following brianna's story for awhile here. just wanted to say hi, happy birthday, and i'm glad she's home from the hospital.

  7. Just dropping by to see if anything new on sweet Bri. How is she doing? I laughed today when we had to collect poop for many things including rotovirus. I thought of you and Bri. Don't know what kind it is all I know is I have never smelled anything quite this bad. Give her hugs from here in Texas and tell Jerry, HI!

  8. Happy Birthday to a sweet little miracle! God is good!