Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Official

Bri tested positive for Rotavirus and although we don't know for certain where she contracted it, we have a pretty good idea. But we will deal with the present and the future which means getting her well. She spent most of the day sleeping which means of course NOW (12:35 am) she is awake and whining quite a bit. Her tummy hurts and I think she has a headache because she keeps rubbing her head rather furiously. The nurse administered some tylenol (she had a fever a couple of hours ago) and I'm just waiting for the sleep to come.

This morning I got to go home and get several hours of sleep while Jerry stayed and took care of the Bri. She ate (by mouth) some banana baby food (with rice) and after tolerating that, she was started on pedialyte and this evening she is being fed formula and keeping it down. If she keeps this up the doc said we should be able to go home Friday. Fingers crossed everyone (prayers too) cause if we don't go home on Friday I'm sure we will be here for the weekend.

Unfortunately we will not be able to go visit my family in the panhandle of Florida and celebrate Bri's birthday on Easter but instead will stay here, get Bri well and go visit in a couple of weeks. Gotta have that 2 year birthday party! Anyway, I best go now and snuggle with a little girl, she needs me.



  1. I read about your daughter on Cathy's blog. Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for your little one, and I hope that she is better soon. She is absolutely precious.

    Susan Brewer (Allie's Mommy)

  2. I am glad you got to go home and get some much needed sleep. I am praying that you will get out today. Give her sweet hugs from Annabel and hoping that she feels better very soon.