Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ashley's Turn

Ashley's turn to shine. We are so proud of our oldest daughter. Let's see, how do I say this...well, to say she is 16 years old says alot in itself (for those who have teenagers). There's been a tremendous amount of difficulties in her life and it has been hard for her to figure out how to handle those difficult times. But little by little, she's been figuring it out by trial and error. She has become quite active with the youth group at our church (First Presbyterian Church of Orlando) and last summer she went on her first mission trip to New Orleans to help rebuild houses for those affected by Katrina and this summer she is saving to go on a mission trip to Jamaica to help those in need there.

Regarding school, last Fall she was held back. What a bummer. What did she do? On-line school in addition to high school. Said no to lacrosse so she could focus on school (what a change). Her hard work paid off, in January we received a letter from her high school stating that she had been promoted UP to her original grade. A Junior. How exciting and how proud we are of her. Now, all we hear is college, college, college. Originally she wanted to be a pediatric physical therapist but after seeing Brianna's speech pathologist at work with Bri, that is what she wants to do now. She knows it is going to take some time but she is determined.

Let me tell you, we KNOW God answers prayers.

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One more thing, I'm sure Ashley would love to hear some congrats about her accomplishments. Her email address is



  1. Brenda, I do know how proud you are of Ashley! I could tell that weekend in Houston. Good for her in all her accomplishments. It is so hard for our older ones when they have a special sibling. They don't want to bother us because we are so stress but yet they still need us just as much. She is such a beautiful girl. I lvoe the new look and all the new pictures. I am counting on your for pictures. I love pictures and you have a gorgeous family. I am trying to talk Mel into going and the twins say they would like to go.
    Praying that Bri's ear are improving. Please keep me up on this.

  2. Way to go Ashley! you are a super star and a beautiful and bright girl!
    I am very proud of you too!

    Brenda love the blog! and Bri is growing by the minute!!!

  3. Ashley,

    It is wonderful to hear of the great work you are accomplishing. How refreshing that a teenager is so commited to having her life turn out regardless of the circumstances. Way to GO!!!!
    Thank you for the mission work last year in New Orleans, my birthplace and a special town for me. Are you accepting donations for your trip to Jamaica? I would love to contribute.