Thursday, July 16, 2009

I feel the need to post something

although I am utterly exhausted. Monday a week ago we took Brianna for a routine checkup to her cardiologist. All were surprised including the doctor when it appeared that Brianna had pulmonary hypertension, ultimately a death sentence. We were waiting to meet again with the cardiologist after he met with other specialists to review Bri's findings on the EKG. In the meantime, Tues evening, we had a scare, and a big one. Bri was good one minute and the next, with no warning whatsoever, she coughed a little cough and suddenly couldn't catch her breath, it was like something was stuck in her throat but I knew there couldn't be anything there because I had fed her by mouth approx 40 minutes earlier, then given her a bath and was sitting with her on her bed, getting ready to dress her. So after coughing for a little, her little mouth started to turn blue, then her face, then her tongue and the inside of her mouth, her eyes rolled back in her head and all I could say was no, no, no, Bri, you are not going to do this. Yeah, like she was doing it on purpose. She continued to cough and went back and forth between blue, gray and ashen. When I realized she might not pull out of it, I called 911.

Jerry and I both were very worried that this proposed pulmonary hypertension was the beginning of the end for Brianna. Bottom line, even though I would love to go into more detail but am so very tired....late today (Wednesday) after another EKG by her cardiologist, lots of prayers by family and friends, there was no indication of hypertension whatsoever. Bri has been tentatively diagnosed with acute reflux, which can be fatal if not treated. Apparently, acid refluxed up and back down into her lungs and essentially, she was drowning in her own stomach acid. Tomorrow morning an upper GI will be performed confirming the reflux. There are medications and also a procedure that can be done to help this problem. Will let you know more tomorrow. For now, zzzzzzz's....time to catch me some. Good night all. Oh, Happy First Birthday to Alyssa. You go girl!!!


  1. So glad that Brianna is doing better. This just highlihts how one the ball we have to be as parents. There really never is a dull moment is there? So glad your beautiful girl has that fighting spirit and loving parents to match. Briana and you all will be in my prayers; as your often already are but more specifically to deal with this new issue. Alyssa had a great first birthday and we hope by her 2nd she and Brianna will be hanging out somewhere on the East coast together :-)
    Sleep well. hugs to Brianna

  2. Brenda,

    So sorry to hear of Brianna's trouble.

    Christina had the same kinds of episodes - they would scare me into a panic. The first time it happened I was shaking her; not knowing whatelse to do, until I dawned on me to call 911, even though I had taken the infant CPR, I was in no shape to think of going there. Her surgeon told us it was a side effect of the g - tube. A blessing and a curse at the same time, as always I will keep your family in my prayers.

    My love and blessings to Brianna.

    I see that another sweet girl has made it to her first birthday - a trimuph from GOD ABOVE!


  3. it is what we all fear...seeing our little ones turn blue. you must have been scared out of your wits. which reminds me i gotta not put off that infant CPR course anymore. i didn't hear you mention before that Bri has acid reflux...this is new. am just thankful that she is alright. hope you feel better after some rest.

  4. Stopping in to check on you and Brianna. Good news about the hypertension, kinda crazy huh? Please get rested up. I will call you when I think it is a good time for you. Give her hugs from Annabel.

  5. Brenda I'm guessing she's on a ventilator now to help with her breathing? Hopefully she will stabilise with the help of one.