Monday, July 6, 2009

Too Long

Brianna and her daddy reading the paper together. Too cute I say.

Yes, I have waited too long to post but as Annabel's mum said, when things are going good, we just keep going and enjoy the moments.

I don't know what got into me about 3 weeks ago but all of a sudden I decided it was time to move Brianna out of our bedroom and into her room. The delay has been because our house is a split plan and her bedroom seemed sooooooo far away. So, while my husband was away on business, I moved Brianna into her room. The first night, she slept like a dream, me, awake all night...constantly checking the monitor to make sure it was working. Brianna has adjusted very well. She seems to sleep better and longer in her room. Although Jerry and I miss her presence in our bedroom, it was time to make this move, for all of us.

Oh, and I also found out that Brianna will have a school teacher coming to our house in the Fall to work with Brianna. Isn't that great?!!! But what is even better is that when Brianna turns 3, 3? we still can't believe it....she can attend elementary school, yeah....I know. Wow, huh. It would be the regular school hours, Monday through Friday, 8 to 2, but, she's not going to go 5 days a week all day, maybe 2 days a week, half a day, to start. The class is staffed with a nurse and appropriate teachers/helpers to assist with special needs children. How exciting...Brianna attending school.

And here's a couple of pics for you. Using my camera for the father/daughter pictures makes me want to get it out and use it a lot more.

And some more pics of when we were in Chicago at The Hancock Building. The weather was beautiful, in the 80s and very little humidity. Brianna was enjoying the sunshine as you can see. I love these pictures. She is so happy and gorgeous and her dad is so honestly happy with her in his arms.

Loving the Sunshine On My Face


  1. Brianna looks so cute and happy in her daddy's arms! Couple of questions and a request. Are you getting sevices through Early Intervention for her teacher and would she go to an inclusive pre-school at 3 or something different? Can you post or send me a couple of pictures of Brianna in her brace. It seems that ALyssa is on track for getting on too an I just wanted to see some shots. I know it is very possible that ALyssa's will be different but what can I say..curiousity!
    thaks for the update and glad that it has been "no news" because all is good~ ;-)

  2. Ok, it is only ok when I am bored and don't make a post! I miss seeing it when you don't. I feel sure if anything serious is wrong hoperfully you will call or text me. Can I just say I love the picture of her and her daddy in their ties! Precious and what a unique idea! Her hair looks so long in the picture where she is reading the paper with her daddy. Here's another subject for you to photograph, Brianna in her new room!!!

    Brenda, when they said Annabel could go to school when she turned 3, I thought no way. But as it got closer and I went to visit the classroom and meet her teacher I couldn't wait. I said the same thing about just a couple days. Annabel began in April, so she was hit or miss until the end of May. But the next Aug. we were there on the first day and made everyday she could. Her school runs from 8:30 until 3:15. I loved her going everyday and could feel like I had some sort of a life again. I was so ready to pick her up and energized. Do I feel guilty? Yes, sometime. Then I remember is we don't take care of us, we can give them the best care they need.

    As I sat here in the hospital Tues afternoon, the news was talking about the airline fares and that they are lower now than 2 years ago. They said Houston to Tampa 137.00. Since then I have thought about a gazillion times I wonder if I could get her out of here and be on my way!

  3. Thank you so much for the call! I so wish we lived closer. We could be of such support to each other. Praying I will see you very soon.

  4. Had to write you again. My word verification on my comment I just left you before this one was Blesses ... He does, doesn't he!!!

  5. brianna is in her own room???how exciting! i can remember when kaiya moved out of my room, i couldn't sleep for weeks! i missed her little snores ;) i absolutely love the pix of the lil sweetie and her daddy. the last pic of them in front of the hancock building is gorgeous. you can just feel the love coming out of it. beautiful. i'm sure brianna will love having a teacher come visit. and school??? what an awesome milestone!