Thursday, June 18, 2009

Too Cool

Technology is amazing. Right now, this very second, Brianna and I are onboard AirTran, IN THE AIR, on our way to Chicago to meet up with Jerry and spend the weekend. So far Brianna has been cooperating, only threw up once so, the flight rules are once a child is over 2 years old, you must purchase a seat for them. In Brianna's case, she is so small that I could hold her but rules are rules so we (or should I say I) made it to the airport (thank you Kathy for driving us) with lots of "stuff", I did a practice pack up the stroller as much as I could without flipping it, last night but forgot that I was also going to have to carry the car seat. Whew....made it. My wonderful husband who does his best to spoil me made sure we got to sit in first class, so, I am also enjoying a bloody mary, I am on vacation, yes? Anyway, Have to say the car seat was a good thing, Bri is strapped in comfortably and is happy at the moment. Already took pics and some video, will work on downloading those next week.


  1. I am so jealous. I have cancelled my conf. reservations. Are you coming to Texas anytime?
    Praying that jerry will be here to work or something. We ARE getting together.
    First class, bloody mary sounds like a vacation to me. Give sweet Bri a hug from Annabel.

  2. oh i wish i knew you were coming to chicago! that is where akaiya and i live! (well a close suburb...) hope you have fun in our wonderful city! brianna looks so cute in her girly carseat ;)

  3. Flying High, Hi my little angel. I sure hope this works this time. It has been a while since I got to post and talk to Bri. I know you had fun on your trip. Hope everyone is okay and doing great. I get to visit with your grandma tomorrow. Have a great 4th you are always in our minds and forever in our hearts.

  4. I haven't checked in a Brianna in a little while, so I thought I'd stop by. We were thinking of making a trip to FL in November, but the cost is too high--especially now that I know we'd have to purchase a seat for Zane:-(
    I always love seeing Brianna's sweet face.


  5. so sorry that i didn't call you. i didn't see the comment until you mentioned it in another comment. akaiya needs to check her blog a little more often!!! you are going to the SOFT conference this year right? it's so close! i am so excited! i might have to steal that picture idea you have in your header. kaiya has had this little purple ballerina outfit for a long time now and i haven't found a reason for her to wear it...that pic of brianna is so darn cute i am inspired!