Monday, June 8, 2009

More Thankful Than Words Can Say

As everyone knows, we are more thankful than words can say for Brianna still being here with us and healthy (as far as we know). but let me tell you what happened last night and then today. Jerry's parents were over last night and his father mentioned that he had noticed a lump on Bri's neck.....immediately all I could think is how did I miss this? It was a lump that could be seen only when she was in a particular position and say the least I couldn't believe that I had not seen it. So, today we had an appt with her GI doctor as a follow up, the wonderful news we heard from him is that SHE LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!! According to a Trisomy 18 weight/height chart, she is ABOVE the 50 percentile for weight and height. Let me remind you that trisomy 18 children remain small, we came across a 19 year old (yes, I said 19 year old) who was only 58 lbs and her height matched her weight.. that is when I stopped worrying so much about Bri not continuing to gain weight.

So, then we went immediately to her pediatrician, whom I LOVE. Dr. Chaban has been the most incredible person, I just can't say enough wonderful things about him. Anyway, after checking out the lump on her neck he said that it was a "palpable" lymph node and nothing to worry about. All I could think of was cancer...which was a possibility, but he said no and that she looked and checked out to be in tip-top shape. Oh, what a relief and you can only imagine. FYI, she now weighs 20.4 lbs and is 32" long. God, we are so incredibly blessed. Thank you.

On another note, bless Bri's dad's heart, Jerry, or should I say his back....his back went out last Wed. while in Texas. He flew home and thought it would get better in a couple of days but last night I had to take him to the ER. They said it was muscular and prescribed some pain meds. Well, today it wasn't any better so we made an appt with his orthopedic for first thing in the morning. He is so tired of crawling (literally) around the house. And to be honest, I'm tired of it too!!!! LOL. I sure hope something can be done about it in the morning for his sake.

Good night all.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Brenda, What a scare??? So glad that Bri is ok. And I knew she is on the high side of the chart. Good for her and such good nutrition. You are so on top of it all.
    Can you please remind me of the name of the formula she is taking. I want to inquire again while I am here.
    Poor Jerry, I thought maybe he was trying to get some attention like Bri when she gets into her crawling position ( I am sure this is not too funny to him). Please let us know what comes of his visit. I am praying that things slow down for you a bit. Also were was he in Texas??? Couldn't you and bri tag along???