Sunday, June 7, 2009

Heartbreaking News

In an earlier post I asked for prayers for Laurie, her husband and Lil Toot being delivered last Tuesday. Sadly, Lil Toot was born into heaven Tuesday night. I can't imagine the sadness the parents must be feeling. I also find myself wondering why her, why are some of these little angels destined to live longer than others. Why is Brianna still here yet others only have minutes or hours? We'll never know the answer. I only ask that you pray for peace for Laurie and her husband. Continued prayers too for Annabel who is recovering from surgery. Brianna is so much like Annabel, all smiles and full of fight. God Bless Them, all of them, those still here with us and those sitting in the lap of Jesus.


  1. I was heartbroken when I read about Lil Toot. You can't help but will them to live, just for even moments. Of course, we want them to live longer than moments. Thank you for the prayer petitions for Annabel also. Give sweet Bri hugs until we see you in JUly.

  2. Was so hoping for a such a different outcome..will keep them in my prayers too.