Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Morning

We hope to be discharged today. Brianna has not had any breathing issues since our stay although her oxygen saturation level tends to be in the low 90's. This morning the OS alarm has been going off because it has been fluctuating between 86 and 93. Yesterday she had an EEG (the first) to check her brain waves and to see if the breathing issues are being caused by seizures. No report back yet on that one. They also performed another EKG and it appeared the same as the one that was performed in Florida Hospital two weeks ago.

I posted a new video yesterday of Brianna taken by Jerry on his iPhone on our YouTube channel, BSBotts. As usual Brianna has been happy-go-lucky the entire time.

Thank you to Grandmother, Aunt Sonya and Uncle Joe, Aunt Judy and Uncle Paul for coming to visit little Bri while in the hospital.

I haven't been crying as much, the good Lord has reassured me that she is in his hands, the best care of all.

Thank you God for one more day.

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  1. I am so happy that you may go home but so concerned that you have no more information than when you arrived. Wow, you have to be on pins and needles,constantly. Praying, Brenda that answers and peace will come. When you get out will you head back home.