Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good News, Semi Bad News...Which one First?

Good news: spot on Bri's neck does not appear to be MRSA. Must be a bug bite. Whew. Semi Bad news: we went to the hospital for the Ph Probe, which is supposed to be a no-big-deal procedure but not for little Bri. In her nose and down her throat went the thin tube and about 8 minutes later, Bri started turning blue. I think it frightened the Endoscopy nurse more than it did me. So, out came the tube and in came the doctor, nurses, respiratory, etc. After getting her back to pink and rosy, it was decided to cancel the Ph Probe but they still want Bri to stay overnight for observation.

Where do we go from here? Not 100% sure but we are talking with Bri's pediatrician and the doctors here to come up with a plan. It is very possible that we will proceed with the fundoplication procedure and hopefully that is what is needed to stop the blue spells although no one has been convinced 100% that reflux is the culprit.


  1. Another blue spell, yuck! Glad it is not MRSA.
    Will be checking back please keep us posted.

  2. that is good news that the spot is not MRSA! i'm sorry she had another blue spell. do you know when they will do the fundoplication?

  3. Fundo has helped Vera a lot in curbing GER. You will see the results best in the first few weeks. You can expect to see Bri do the 'vomit action' but it's like a cork is down there, and nothing (or little) comes out. fingers crossed that the surgeon is good and that the fundo will not be too tight or too loose.