Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quick Update

Brianna is doing good. The oxygen has made a big difference; giving her comfort. She episodes continue from one extreme to another. Sometimes they are the super-high heart rate; blue spells and then other times, the extreme low heart rate. This morning at 3 am it was the extremely low heart rate. We have learned that it at those times she is experiencing a Bundle Branch Block (google it, easier to understand). Several hours later she is back to "normal".

Thank you again to everyone who is sending emails; texts; notes on Facebook and comments on this site. Although I don't respond to each one of you, your thoughts, prayers and kind words do not go unnoticed. Thank you from both Jerry and I.

My momma is here in town now. My sister Judy brought her. A super big thank you to her. Everyone knows in times of sadness and distress, it's always good to have your mom around.

More later.

Oh, I posted another blog below, thank you May.



  1. I've thought about Brianna alot in this past day. Her symptoms sound very much like what my daughter was experiencing the day before she passed away. She had quite a severe VSD though, and her heart began beating out of sync with the fluctuations between high HR and very, very low HR. I am keeping your little girl in my thoughts, as well as you and your family. Brianna has touched so many lives!

  2. Thinking and praying for Brianna and each of you! We are here if you need us! How wonderful that you sister could bring your Mom to be with you and your family. Sending BIG hugs and Love, Wayne, Tracey and Nathaniel