Sunday, September 20, 2009

Reading the blog

I just opened Bri's blog again, or actually my blog about Bri and read my last post....oh, it sounded so sad. Part of me feels like I should apologize but then another part knows that I shouldn't because that is where I was at that moment. That is how grief is, up one moment, down the next.

I'm feeling pretty good right now, yesterday I went to a conference with a wonderful girlfriend, the presenters were Beth Moore, Priscilla somebody and Kay somebody (I love it when I really know what I am talking and what light they showered on me. More on that later but let me tell you, if you want a GREAT bible study, go online and look up Beth Moore....she is something else.

Today Jerry and I went kayaking in the Winter Park chain of lakes. Surprisingly, we missed church to do this. I learned from Beth Moore that there are times when you have to really look and see what is important "this day" and do it was important for Jerry and I to get out and be together. We are glad we took the time to do this, it was a great day, there was no doubt that we were blessed for doing so.

In the morning I am flying to Atlanta with Jerry. He is returning to work. What a difficult time and I want to be there to support him.

Ashley spent the weekend at the beach and took some great photos of Bri's best friend, Susie....they are so sweet. Check them out on my facebook account....brenda langston botts.

Special thanks to Jesus Christ, he is such an awesome God.

Good night all. Especially to sweet baby Bri.


  1. Please, never feel you need to apologize. I helps us to pray to know right where you are.I am so glad you were able to hear Beth Moore. I never have but there are a group of T18 moms that went last year. Several of them and they told their stories of being so blessed.
    I am glad you and Jerry spent time together today, that is Church and Brianna would have wanted you right where you were. Be safe as you travel to Atlanta. Tell Jerry get a business trip to Texas and we can just get in a hotel or here and have some girl time.
    I also saw Ashley's photos with Suzie. Annabel has the same sweet doll.
    Please know how much I think about you and pray for your family. I know the T18 journey but I don't know this part where it ends. I know Bri and Annabel brought us together for a reason and I know God has more planned for you my friend and me.

  2. I continue to be completely moved by your story, and my heart aches for you. I cannot imagine your pain, but admire your faith through it all. I offer many prayers on your behalf. May God continue to bless you!

  3. Do not apologize for how you are feeling. Give yourself some room and be tender with yourself. You are in a very delicate place right now; feelings are still very raw. And the only way to ease the pain is to move through it, which is exactly what you are doing. Thank you for continuing to update Brianna's site. I know you said it is your blog, but I will always consider it Brianna's. Hope that's okay.

  4. i'm so happy for the bond you share with your hubby...i am so happy that it will strengthen even more through this time. thinking of you and Bri daily.

  5. You don't need to apologize about anything... Let your feelings flow. Please don't feel guilty about feeling negative sometimes, it's only natural and you need to let it out. I've written alot of darkness in my blog and although there have been times that I think maybe I should go edit this or that, I leave it because there's no easy way around this grief and anybody who has been there would surely understand. I've found writing to be a great outlet and very therapeutic. My thoughts are with you!

  6. One day at a apologizing for everything else related to T18 , mothering, parenting, day day at a time. Continuing to pray for you!!

  7. You have received some very good advice from your readers, some of whom have all ready been on this journey of grief.

    I am very happy that you and your dear husband were able to get out and do something "fun" and get much needed fresh air and being in God's presence outdoors together.

    I loved your thanks to Jesus Christ. He IS an awesome God!!! I praise you, Heavenly Father for this wonderful loving family.