Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Incision-looking time, lost my marbles and a little Peanut

Okay, there you have it. Incision that you can't see unless you zoom in and also a good look at Brianna's G-tube. I know we have been known to call it a "feeding" tube but to me that just doesn't sound good. G-tube sounds so much better. Doesn't she look just wonderful? and it's only been three weeks.
I have to tell you when Jerry read one of my last updates about things being so good, he asked me if I had lost my marbles. Things are good but we are incredibly tired. Brianna is eating every three hours(around the clock), it takes times to get the feeding pump ready, hook her up, set the timer to go off in one hour, get back up, empty, rinse out the pump and hope to goodness she doesn't get gas, or a tummy ache. Speaking about gas, it's rather interesting, all we do is uncork the end of the G-tube and it will "burp" out.
So, at night we only get two hours of sleep at a time. We try to take turns but sometimes you can't help but wake up and hear what's going on.
I told Jerry that I didn't think people wanted to hear us whine but the truth is, it seems like everyone really wants to know what is going on so, there you have it. I hope it doesn't sound like we're whining because really we're not. We are very happy to have our little peanut here with us.

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