Friday, September 7, 2007

Wrangling that Unicorn

Notice the new picture? Several days ago when Jerry and I went in early in the morning to see Brianna, we pulled back the blanket and got such a surprise...Brianna had that unicorn in one heck of a headlock!!! It was actually placed there to keep her a little more comfortable. Although it sure did look pretty funny. As you can tell, she is quite comfortable now. Her tummy is full and she is feeling so much better. The results came back about the infection and it is E Coli. No surprise again. She had an arterial line hooked up in her groin area and on several occasions it worked its way into her diaper, thus, the infection. That line was closed off as soon as the infection was discovered and she is now doing quite well considering.
In case you are wondering about the 16 year old. The clergy has been here all morning as well as other hospital administrators and a lot of family members. It doesn't look too good.

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