Monday, September 17, 2007


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2007 01:53 PM, EDT
Well, we have been back now for a couple of days and are working on getting back into the groove of things. Brianna is doing remarkably well. She is so happy most of the time. Smiling, smiling and smiling. She is so content just to hang out. She has also been sleeping most of the night. It's like when it's time to go to sleep there's no fussing, we can put her in her crib and she will lay there a bit looking around (smiling of course) and then go off to dreamland. She still won't take the bottle completely. If you drip the formula into her mouth she will gladly drink it but she still doesn't know exactly what to do with the bottle nipple. We will be working with a speech therapist in the near future and feel hopeful about it. Later today or tomorrow I'm going to post some pics of her tiny little scar. I have to say that you will probably be amazed at how good it looks.

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