Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lots of New Stuff

Well, it has been quite a while since I posted and we've had a lot going on. Earlier this month Brianna was sick with what turned out to be the flu. Battled it like a warrior. Then it turned into congestion, that was the toughest part but in true Brianna form, she conquered it.

She went to the eye doctor and has new picture soon. Went to the orthopedic and her back is curving more than we want so she now has a back brace...another new picture soon and....she has an itty bitty split on her hand to see what we can do about her crooked finger, the least of our worries. She continues to be her happy, adorable little self continuously making us smile great big smiles. We are so blessed.

Feel free to post a comment on this new page, I have enlarged the "comment" section at the bottom of each post. To comment, just click on the "comment" and there you go. As I said before, we love to hear from Bri's fans...please leave a small note for us to check out.

Happy day.



  1. Yea a new post! I check on you a few times daily so I was glad to hear of an update. I can't wait to see her new glasses and her new brace. Is she tolerating the brace ok?
    Trish email and said they would be attending the conference, it will be so much fun. I need to find my info on the hotel and make my reservations. I haven't booked a flight yet either, but I really would rather go by car, just so far. I am glad Brianna has fought her illness in great style and is doing better. annabel is better also and I am so glad.

  2. I like the new blog. Glad things are going well. She's a cutie :)