Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy 16 Month Birthday Baby Girl

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13, 2008 04:30 PM, CDT
Happy 16 month Birthday to our cutie pie. (A day late...I actually updated the website last night and then the internet blinked off and it was lost...I was too tired to re-type it then). Things are going well with Brianna. She is scheduled for eye surgery on August 22nd. We don't think her little cross-eyes look that bad (I think they're cute in a Brianna-kind of way) but her eye doctor highly recommends that we do it. So....we'll see how they turn out (no pun intended LOL).
I was quite pleased when Bri's OT said that her neck is strong enough to ride in a bicycle seat. Straight to the cycle shop we went. Brianna HATED the helmet. Couldn't stop trying to figure out what the heck was on her head. The guy at the cycle shop said "oh look...she's cross-eyed....(idiot). We just smiled and waited for him to figure out that yes, her eyes DO cross. After that he couldn't get away from us fast enough.
Anyway, she cried so loud in the bicycle seat that when I was down the street, her daddy could hear her and came to her rescue. We'll try again when the weather is not so hot and humid.
Oh, and I almost forgot to mention. Brianna weighs in at a hefty 20 lbs. and now has five teeth. Two front and three bottom front.
God Bless.

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    Happy to hear from you sweetie.
    I hope you are staying warem. I loved the pictures of you and your new friends. I bet you had a wonderful time meeting them. love the neww site.
    Love Kim