Thursday, August 28, 2008

One Year Later....after the Heart Surgery

THURSDAY, AUGUST 28, 2008 09:37 PM, CDT
Today's date seemed familiar somehow...August 28th... and that is when I realized that today is one year since Brianna had her open-heart surgery. Can you believe it? She is doing fantastic. Although I do have to say that for the last couple of days she has not been herself. Earlier this evening she was running a low-grade temperature. Easy to say not to worry. But we do. Could it be a bug she picked up at the hospital last week during her eye surgery?....a cold?....or just from recovery from the surgery itself? Most parents would just let it go but we can't. If she is still running a fever in the morning I will take her to the doctor. Probably just an ear infection (we hope). It's very hard though because living with T-18... it could be anything and anything could be fatal.
Not to worry. We have faith and faith can move a mountain. Will keep you posted tomorrow.
But on a good note, if you smile at Brianna, she will smile back at you. God bless this baby girl!!!
Actually, what I really should say is God has blessed US with this baby girl. Amen.

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