Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Eyes

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SUNDAY, AUGUST 24, 2008 09:08 PM, CDT
Oh my goodness. I can't wait to post some new pictures of the Bre-ster with her "new" eyes. Amazing. She is staring at EVERYTHING like it is the first time she has seen it. Actually, I have to be honest, after seeing her reaction I crossed my eyes and looked around. Heck, that is all it took for me to realize what she is amazed at. And, as you have read in the past where I have written about how happy she is. Even now, when we were told that her eyes would feel like there is sand in them and she would be trying to scratch them. You wouldn't think it by seeing her. She is her usual happy smiley self. God bless this baby girl. Pictures soon...I promise.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 22, 2008 07:47 PM, CDT
Hello everyone. Well, we had a long day at the hospital today. Brianna was scheduled to be at an out-patient facility for her eye surgery (to straighten out her cross-eyes) this morning at 8:30. For those of you who don't know where we live, well, we are here smack dab in the middle of Fay-land (hurricane-speaking). It has been raining non-stop for DAYS. Anyway, we made it to our appointment only to be told by the anesthesiologist (sp?) that she was concerned about performing the surgery at an out-patient facility due to Bri's Trisomy 18 diagnosis and that they would prefer that it be performed at a hospital just in case she ended up needing special care. Lucky for us they were able to squeeze us in at the hospital so....we now have a gorgeous non-crossed eyed little girl. Me, Jerry and Ashley all have to admit though, we miss Brianna's little trademark eyes...they were so darn cute!!!!
She went through the surgery just fine. Waking up from the anesthesia was the time-consuming part. It took her forever. I don't think the doctors were overly worried, although they were concerned because it took her awhile to finally wake up. We are now home and she is, as usual, such a trooper. Oh, how we love this girl!!! Will post pictures soon. I promise. Have to, she is so darn cute!!! (Am I a proud mom or what?!)
Thanks for tuning in.

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