Thursday, December 4, 2008

I can hear, I can hear

Bri has been having such problems with her ears. When she was in the hospital in June, it took 4 days to figure out that the problem was fluid in her ears. Problem is that her ears are so tiny that the doctor can't see inside of them. Looking back, we believe she has had a chronic ear infection since April. One that antibiotics couldn't clear up 100%. So off to the Ear Nose and Throat Doc. Thank goodness for experienced doctors here in Orlando. We decided to attempt to have tubes placed in her ears for drainage. I say attempt because even the highly experienced doc wasn't sure if he would be able to place the tubes in her ears. The procedure day came and Praise be to God that yes, he was able to place the tubes in her ears. (That was about 6 weeks ago). The doctor said that she could probably hear 30 decibels higher. We noticed a change in her immediately. Interesting thing is that she used to be startled easily, now she's not. Hmmm.

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