Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Heartbreaking, Absolutely Heartbreaking

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2007 11:20 PM, EDT
Well, the holding of Brianna didn't go so well. The nurse had such good intentions, we got the tubes all organized, rocking chair over by the crib, but when we lifted Brianna up in the blanket, it was obvious that it was uncomfortable to her so we immediately put her back in the crib. As much as we want to hold our little peanut, her comfort is far more important.
The first nurse Brianna had in the PCICU was Kay. Kay was a wonderful and compassionate nurse. She told us that for every step forward, there would be two steps back. We experienced that tonight. We were so pleased that the breathing tube had been removed earlier today (2:30 p.m,) but when we went back early evening to be with Brianna, Jerry and I were both taken back. At that time the only way to describe her breathing sound was as if she was breathing through a sea of liquid. (Jerry said that description was too much....said I've been reading too many novels!!! At least we still have some sense of humor at this very challenging time.) It was very distressing to us. The nurse told us it was "normal" due to swelling of the throat after removal of the breathing tube, but it just didn't sound good to us. The doctor was called and the bottom line is that her carbon dioxide level was too high (she was having a hard time breathing through that liquid) so they intubated (put her back on the breathing machine) again. They told us it was not unusual for this to happen but still, we just want to move forward and take our baby girl home. I think I speak for both Jerry and I when I say that we feel better that they put her back on the breathing machine. If they had not done that, I don't think we would have left the hospital tonight. Her breathing sounded that scary. But with her on the breathing machine, we too can breathe easier. We will give you an update in the morning.

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