Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ashley's Video

This is a video/photos that Ashley put together when she got her first "ink". As to be expected, it makes me smile because of how proud I am of Ashley yet I cry because of how much I miss Brianna. I just continue to repeat over and over, God is good, God is good...but the one thing I will tell you though is when I first see him, my first question will be, Why?.....Why?


  1. "Forever In Our Hearts" the hearts of so many in such a short time. Right now, just watching this sweet video of Ashely my heart is so heavy. Can't imagaine what you feel and how strong you much be to endure. I love you Brenda!

  2. What an amazing sister precious Brianna has! I can't pretend to know why things happen the way they do but I do know that this little one was loved and cherished and blessed by you all, just as she blessed you.

    She also blessed all of us by your unselfish willingness to share her! Praying for comfort and peace for your family.

    Ashley, great job on this video! Perhaps a career in film awaits you.

  3. Beautiful video! What a great way to keep Brianna with her big sister always. Your family is always in our thoughts and prayers.
    The Hendricks Family

  4. That was awesome. I loved it.
    Peace love and prayers.
    Shane`s Mom

  5. All I can say is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  6. I miss you, and I miss Brianna sweet face. Can't imagine this time of year for you. When you get time give me a call! I know she is one of those beautiful Angels singing these beautiful Christmas songs I listen to each night while rocking Annabel to sleep.

  7. This is so great that Ashley did this to remember Brianna! I'm not much for random tattoo's, but this isn't random. I think anyone would love the idea, design and heart put into this one!!!!

    It's really pretty!