Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009 Everyone

THURSDAY, JANUARY 01, 2009 04:02 PM, EST
Happy New Year!! This holiday season has been the best ever. We celebrated Christmas Eve by going out to dinner with family and friends and then attending the candlelight service at church. We spent Christmas morning here in Orlando opening gifts with Jerry's parents, Doug and Helen and then on the 26th left to visit family in north Florida. After a very nice, relaxing visit with the family we returned to Orlando in time for New Year's Eve. And the neatest thing happend New Year's Eve (and if I didn't see it myself, I would have thought it was a set-up). My nephew, Shawn and his fiance Christina came over with a homemade Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie) that Christina had made. In her family Spanakopita is served on New Year's Day and the person who makes it puts a quarter in the pie and whomever gets the quarter is supposed to receive good luck the following year. Well, a little after midnight, I cut the pie in various oddball sizes and walked around and made sure everyone received one. Oops...I didn't give Bri one, so her daddy picked up the smallest one on the tray and took a bite of it "for Bri". Then he promptly teased Christina about her cooking because there was a piece of tin foil in it. That's when Christina said, "no, that's the quarter!! wrapped in tinfoil." How neat is that. Bri got the good luck quarter.

And do know what happens to the first person who falls asleep on New Year's Eve, especially when guests are still around....that's right, they get their toenails painted...bright red. The lucky recipient this year was Jerry. Check out the pics. That's Bri with her lucky quarter and Jerry with his gorgeous toenails!

On that note, Happy New Year to everyone once again.

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