Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tiny Little Glasses....Oh So Cute

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2007 12:20 AM, CDT
There she is in all of her glory....tiny glasses and all and isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen?!!!! When we put her glasses on her, she gets the biggest smile on her face. It's like wow....I can see!!! We discovered at her eye appt. that she is far-sighted. That explains why alot of times her eyes will cross because as she tries to focus on something that is close to her, she just couldn't do it. She doesn't seem to mind the glasses most of the time. Other times she will try (and succeed) to brush them off of her face.
More pictures on her photo page as well. One from her six month birthday party and one from her first day of trying solid foods...she liked them!!! Carrots. Now we are onto yellow squash and she likes that too. Just smiles so big when she eats. It only you could see, her smile would melt your heart. She is such a delightful baby girl.
At this point in time, everything is good with her. She had five (yes FIVE) shots last monday. Four were the six month immunization shots and the fifth was a special shot to help prevent her from getting a virus called RSV that could be fatal to her. She was such a trooper. Didn't feel well Monday night but Tuesday, it was back to business as usual. She now weighs 11 lbs, 14 oz. Finally out-growing all of those clothes we received at the baby shower. Just in time for Fall....
Oh, we had new photos taken. Check out our wonderful photographer, Martha Bravo, to see a sneak MUST see the pumpkin photo. It's adorable!!!! Click on the link below or copy and paste the following. Would love for you to leave comments on her blogspot. Martha would love them.....
P.S. The mask is part of her halloween costume, we got it from Build a Bear!!! More to come....
By for now.

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